piddle backend for: Gtk+


This backend displays the canvas on a Gtk+ GtkDrawingArea widget. The standard interface displays the "info line" as a GtkStatusbar widget packed below the canvas in the same top-level window. Interactivity support is available and works as described in the PIDDLE documentation.

See the docstring in for information on alternate classes that can be used in different contexts.


piddleGTK can be downloaded here.


This backend was written by Fred Drake.

Known Bugs & Limitations

Sample Output

The following grabs were made using xv to save PNG images.

(non-rotated text only, for now)

piddleGTK supports non-white backgrounds nicely as well!
(from the test script)
Here are a couple of non-canvas grabs of other parts of the test program; these show the test selection window and test of some of the font-mapping internals.